Little Moments

This is just a Diary...

One day, I decided to apply to my parent's passport. My father got very excited but my mother got very upset. For her, it is a waste of money. And as usual(who listens to our mom), I applied and scheduled an appointment for a passport. We did not go to the Pune PSK as we also have a passport office in Ahmednagar. We went to the office at 12:00, as an appointment got scheduled at 12:30. After getting to the passport office, we saw that their server is down(very much expected), they haven't even started with the 09:00 appointments. I thought 'What the hell' but then I started thinking that what can we expect more from them. We waited till 17:00 and you know what, in between I went to ask them that,  are these documents okay for my parents. They are senior citizens, they only require Adhar Card(as ID proof & Address Proof). We had all the originals with the Xerox copy but the man said the Xerox copy of the pan card was required, I showed him, because we know it's our thing, I even brought a light bill, phone bill and ration card. I knew these people can ask anything. So instantly showed him a Pan card Xerox copy of my parents and he was like, "NO, this will not work. This Xerox is too small." Honestly, it was the same size as the pan card. But the man was not satisfied with this Xerox, He was like we need a 'JUMBO SIZE' Xerox. I was like what is the difference, "you can read the details, it's very clear." but no, we want jumbo only. I asked my parents to sit over there and I will be back in a min. I brought a jumbo copy of Xerox, pan. and at 17:00 he called my father's name and then my mother's name. I took them with me and the other man took their photo and asked my father what is your name, where do you live and what is your date of birth.  My father is a well-educated man; he told him specific answers and everything went well. 

Now it was my mother's turn. The same question was asked to my mother. She told him everything but with the additional questions "My daughter gave you all documents, right? check that. You have everything in your hand, see in that." That man was like madam, this is the process we have to ask you all these things, but my mum said OK, but you have everything in your hand, why do you ask. Man stared at me, I just smiled and then everything went okay. In that 5 hours my mother asked so many questions, why do we even want this passport, we shouldn't be here, we should be home, resting, what do you think, where you will take us when we will get our passports, I will not come, you can go with you father, ask that man when he will call us. I want to go home. let's go home. how much money did you pay for this passport? 1350 is a very big amount, will they hand over the passport right now? we could have done something different. My mother and her never-ending questions. We somehow survived that day and came home. 

After 3 weeks, they received a call from the police for verification. they went and went everything well(obviously my mother was not happy by giving 500 rupees to the police for the verification). She was angry at my father for giving him money. My father tried to make her understand but as usual, she never understand, either she gets upset or angry. 

After 2 weeks, they received passport, my father (video) called me and showed me that 'See, just now the postman gave me this parcel and it contains our passport. My father was so happy.' then my mother came and she took the passport in her hand and she said:

 "Is this called passport, really? This is just a diary, for this diary we gave 1350 rupees."....